FoodphoriaMrk offers digital marketing strategy for the food industry.

Our focus is on helping businesses in the food industry manage their own marketing using sustainable marketing solutions.

We are passionate about food and want to help promote good food through technology and social initiatives.

We believe

  • Food is meant to be shared both online & at the table.
  • Food marketing should use technology to showcase food, not showcase technology.
  • Good marketing should be a marathon, not a sprint.

We develop sustainable marketing strategies that accommodate your business rather than one-off campaigns that drive short-term traffic but are usually unsustainable in the food industry because of inventory, staffing and location constraints.

We work with a lot of free and affordable self-serve marketing solutions to develop affordable on-going marketing strategies that help grow your business without the need for a lot of technology know-how or specials tools & software. Most solutions are manageable from a smart phone using free mobile applications with no coding.

We can show you how to manage your own website, launch your own web promotions, build your email or social media following, improve your search ranking, collect customer feedback online and more.

We take the guess work out of setup and provide the industry experience and best practices to build out solutions that grow and grow with your business.

We provide a full range of services from copy writing, photography, graphic design, video, email, social media, consumer outreach, market research and analytics. We can also source and project manage freelancers, crowd sourcing, or work with existing design and digital agencies like an in-house marketing team to ensure your getting the best value for your business.

The best way to view our services is through a quick 10 minute demo which can be provided at your location.

Please contact me, Alice at alice.tu[at]sustainablemrk[dot]com or +1 (647) 895-4881 to arrange a demo.