FoodphoriaMrk is  a division of SustainableMrk focused on digital marketing for the food industry.

Unlike SustainableMrk.com, this site is meant to demonstrate the basic wordpress offering and therefore uses the free wordpress service that includes ads and .wordpress.com in the domain and limited feature set.

A little about myself and how I ended up working in this very niche industry of digital marketing for the food industry…

I’m an online marketing specialist with over 10 years experience including working internationally on the Canadian government office in Taiwan’s website and working in Canada for brands like Sobey’s, Ontario Tourism, and CTV Olympics.

Although I love working in digital marketing and love learning and working with new technology, I really missed working with food and the food industry. So much so that I would often waitress while working a full-time marketing job just to stay in the industry but as my marketing roles became more senior, balancing the two positions became harder to manage.

Not only did I grow up in the food industry with restaurateur parents but promoting good food has always been a passion of mine. Whether it be writing about food on my blog foodphoria.tumblr.com, writing reviews on yelp, sharing food info and photos on facebook, twitter, and instagram, sharing a new favourite restaurant with friends, having them over to try a new dish, or giving food as gifts like my favourite Canadian mustard when I visited friends abroad.

And although I’ve worked with some major brands in food including Sobey’s, M&M Meat Shops, and Hotel Chocolat in London, England, my personal love of food has always been with small, local, quality food producers and believe there is a need to help these businesses compete with today’s mass market food producers.

Just as food has moved to local, organic, and sustainable, I believe so can marketing. Technology has created a number of tools that make local, organic, and sustainable marketing much more practical for the average business.

Looking for a better balance between my love of technology, marketing and food, and looking to be more creative and innovative with all 3, I started my own consulting business specializing in using free and affordable online tools to promote local and independent brands. I want to share my knowledge of cheap, easy marketing tools, my expertise in developing marketing strategy, and my expertise in the food industry to help promote local and quality food producers.

I was heavily involved in my parents’ restaurant from a very young age including helping with marketing, promotions, and budgeting. I understand the challenges of managing marketing for the industry including the pressures of overhead, managing food inventory and demand, and the need to create a buzz and encourage word-of-mouth marketing while keeping a tight budget and avoiding a rush all at once. I also know how busy the industry is and how hard it can be to find the time for anything other than day-to-day operations.

With my expertise in both food and digital marketing, I help businesses make the most of free and affordable online tools like WordPress, twitter, and mail chimp. I get things setup quickly, easily, and efficiently so that businesses can manage their own online marketing in the long run with minimal effort. Many of my recommendations can be managed from a smartphone to minimize time in front of a computer allowing for the best use of time and technology.

To find out more please contact me by email at alice.tu[at]sustainablemrk[dot]com or by phone at 647-895-4881.